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Paw-picked collections from European designers

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Modern Cat Furniture

From luxury designer cat beds, mid-century modern cat hammocks to minimalistic and practical wall mounted cat beds, at Fabio The Cat you will find gorgeous modern cat furniture that will match your interior. 100% designed and made in Europe.



Make friends with Fabio. Follow his daily indoor adventures @fabiothecatshop

  • NEW PRODUCT ALERT 🎉 Gorgeous Donut cat beds are now available in 8 Scandinavian-inspired colours. ✨🍩
The Donut is suitable for all cats, for tiny kittens to senior tigers. 
Choose this lightweight cat bed if you're planning to travel with your cat for Christmas. It is excellent for use as a portable cat bed. 🎄🐈‍⬛
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  • We are wondering if new toys underneath the Christmas tree will keep the cat away from playing with baubles 🤔
Even if not, Tollo and Musse furry toys are so playful that will interest every kitten. 
Spend wonderful moments with your furry friend this winter playing at home with these delightfully beautiful toys. 
👉Link in bio
#cattoys #christmascats #giftforcats #catshop #forcats #lovemycat #lovecats #londoncats #catsuk #britishshorthair #bengalcat
  • Handsome Fabio in his favourite bed 🤍✨ oh look at this thing. It's the most beautiful thing! 
There is something so cute and magical in every furry child that is sleeping. They are so peaceful and heart melting... Especially after spending the whole day chasing leaves and bugs 🤣
Sweet dreams little Fabio.
P.S. The Coco beds are available in four colours 🤍🖤🤎💚 Find a link to the website in the bio 💤🎁
#catsifinsta #catbed #catsandinterior #petsindecor #bengalcat #bengalcross #sleepingcat
  • For sleeping pumpkins, snoozing bugs, napping noodles, slumber angels and all other furry friends so love to sleep. 💤
These cosy COCO beds are designed to give your cat a tasteful place for a cosy rest.
What a class! ✨👌
Available in four colours - beige, light brown, dark grey and green, to match any interior style.
#catsandinterior #petsindecor #petsstagram #petshoponline #petsandinteriors #fabiothecat #catslife #catsofuk #londoncats

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