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Add your cat's name to these personalised cat beds making them a not-so-ordinary place to sleep. In addition to being comfortable, the cat hammocks' Nordic style will fit any modern and minimalistic interior.

Create a stylish space for your cat to purr, relax and nap.

Redesigning your living space with your cat in mind, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your interior style. Embrace the barkitecture trend in your home by introducing stylish cat beds into your modern home.

Now you can add your cat’s name carefully engraved on the wooden elements of RESTY cat hammock and WOOZY radiator cat bed.  Choose from a range of natural colours, inspired by the scandinavian design.

Cat sitting on a personalised cat bed dark grey maple with cat's name

Spoil your cat with a personalised bed

Create a peaceful corner for your kitten to catch some z’s. Aesthetically pleasing, RESTY cat hammock is loved by cats and their owners. The minimalistic design makes it fit into mid-century modern interior.

Designed and 100% made in Ukraine, the cat hammocks are light weight yet strong. Featuring washable fabric and durable wooden base, the hammock can be easily assembled within 3 minutes.  

Black cat sitting on a personalised cat radiator hammock

Turn your heater into a delightful resting spot for your cat.

The nordic style radiator cat hammock not only provides your kitty with an elevated space to sleep, but also fits nicely in any modern interior. Thanks to adjustable set up, this hammock fits on every standard heater. 

Designed in Netherlands, this radiator bed features a washable base made from 100% ecologic textile, that will stand the test of claws. This cat hammock is an ideal choice for cats that love to feel safe and warm when they sleep, especially during cooler months.

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